Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jews of Nigeria 1 - Shabbat Service 1aa

Both the Yoruba and the Igbo make claims to be descended from the Hebrews in various ways. There are still Igbos practising the Jewish faith. I'm not sure how far back this practice goes - ie whether there is any evidence of a continuous tradition dating back hundreds/thousands of years.


sondjata 2:04 am  

That should say "some" Yoruba. Anyone notice the Muslim hat one of these "Hebrews" are wearing?

Christian Writer 11:13 am  

It seems to me that many African tribes claim this 'lineage.' I've lost count of the number of times I've exchanged stories of the Ibo-Hebrew connection only for my fellow Africans to say, 'Nigerians do this too?!' My natural inclination is to mutter, 'yeah right' but perhaps in ancient times, the Falasha (Ethiopian) Jews made deeper incursions into east, west and southern Africa than previously thought.

Who knows...

Chxta 3:50 pm  

@ Christian writer, could it be that the paraga that the initial missionaries gave our ancestors was just too strong?

A lot of Naija peeps strongly believe that the Jews are the chosen of God, hence the natural inclination to want to be seen as descendants of God's people...

Shango,  4:46 pm  

@chxta: the same way every muslim is a descendant of Mohammed by blood, or every Nigerian abroad is a member of a "royal family" in their village. Pish!

Dami 4:55 pm  

another ngo-money making movement, if you follow the scam catchers websites,you will notice many nigerians using religion as a bait, money for church building and the likes, i think this is just another ploy perhap for the "rich" to send money down.just my opinion sha.never knew yoruba claimed this too,what ever happened to shango and orumila and the rope they climbed down from

Anonymous,  4:59 pm  

there have been genetic exams done on those with similar claims in southern africa and their dna showed they carried particular genes found in many of the most jews around the world, "proving' a relationship by blood.

perhps a similar study is need in ibo land

Shango,  6:22 pm  

I beg your pardon! I never climbed down any ropes... I just told people I did because they didn't believe the true story: I was born a human but became a god by hard work.

Orunmila's a hack, by the way, that bastard.

Anonymous,  4:45 am  

lol shango, ur pretty funny lol...didnt u also spark for your wife so bad that you burnt everything in sight and regretted yourself, seems like you and ogun have a lot in common...take a chill pill from obatala and yes orunmila

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