Monday, October 30, 2006

Step forward, the reality behind the Shango mask..

Well, with his blessing the icing on the cake, what can I do but oblige andreveal all. Shango, or should I say, one "Frederick Woodbridge", describes himself thus “I'm 35, fat, and almost happy. I have a wife, three cats, one very old computer, and many, many big guns.” But, is this not a case of the matrioshka effect (a.k.a the Russian doll-syndrome). Is Shango's real name really Frederick Woodbridge, or is this simply a nom-de-plume? The hunt now transfers to the quest for the real name behind the new mask..

You'll note in perusing his pages a more than passing acquaintance with perfumery (revealing an unexpectedly feminine side - but then being Shango - perhaps it isn't really a surprise), and his almost-erotic affection for one Melanie Phillips. Those in the UK familiar with the more rabid sections of the UK press will know who I mean..

Go forth and comment.


Anonymous,  7:08 pm  

No trailing "K" in my first name, Jeremy. Fred W. is indeed my real name. The third Fred W., actually.

I'm going to miss responding as Shango, so much fun. He is my favorite god.

I have a lot of sides, and my hope is to have my gun collection match exactly my perfume and book collections. I also fly light aircraft, play chess, and most fun, cuss a lot.

As for my "almost erotic affection" for Ms Phillips, I have to agree: although it's most definitely not erotic, I do have a deep affection for Ms Phillips.

Jeremy 12:01 am  

Well you know Fred, you'll always be Shango to me. I'm kinda disappointed Shango will not be around anymore.

So who was the first Fred? Must have been someone, to have two generations named after him...

Anonymous,  12:26 am  

"whose words have forked no lightning..."

Anonymous,  4:58 am  

My grandfather, and he was no one. Special, that is. We Americans love to put on airs, naming ourselves SR, JR, and III ad nauseam is a pathetic attempt at dynastic ambitions.

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