Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yet another tragedy...

Another plane goes down - this time near Abuja airport - apparently in flames for quite a while. Perhaps, as with the Sosoliso accident, there was no water in the fire engines?

I have a doctor friend who is at the crash site as we speak. He confirmed the initial Reuters reports that the Deputy Governor of Sokoto state and the Sultan of Sokoto were in the plane, as were two senators. There are eight people in the National Hospital - so more survivors than the international news channels are saying right now.

We look to the skies for the answer as to when Nigeria will be a safe place to fly..


Shango,  3:59 am  

Looking to the skies? Air safety is in the hands, not of the skies but squarely in the hands of the mechanics who maintain the planes and the pilots who fly them.

As long as that's the case and it's in Nigeria, we'll continue to have these kinds of problems. Too bad.

St Antonym 2:28 pm  

This is yet another occassion for people to say things like "ah, the only thing we can do now is pray o."

I'm with Shango on this one (hell freezes over; did I really just agree with Shango?), what we actually need is better mechanics. Better managers. A better sense of ethics on the job.

And a lot less of, "let's manage it like that jare, it's good enough." I don't believe Nigerians value life less than other people, but we are caught up in some deadly habits of laziness.

an angry young man,  2:33 pm  

What we need is for Borisade to resign and for someone who knows what they are doing to crack heads and break some balls. Our country is one big fucking joke - and its not even funny.

Anonymous,  11:28 am  

We have poor maintenace culture and it affects bridges, Molues, Danfos, Roads, Aircrafts, Speed boats, ships etc . When the elite feel he pain, then we ge a lot of noise. Let us change our style before third mainland brigde also collapses.

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