Monday, October 23, 2006


As I watched this guy, I felt a Mapplethorpe sensation come on. His beautiful sculpted body, glistening and strong. Some images draw you to the body, almost pushing you inside the flesh. Call it a primal eroticism, call it whatever - this moment had it.


Akin 8:25 pm  

Mapplethorpe sensation? Leave that to those who appreciate the exploration of manly eroticism better.

Sometimes, you do amaze me ...

Shango,  8:28 pm  


Erhem... in the words of the late, great senator McCarthy, are you now or have you ever been a homosexual?

Being English, of course, seems to be an adequate answer in the positive to that question, so you don't have to answer, Jeremy, wink, wink.

Jeremy 8:38 pm  

shango you're so reductive, and it goes without saying homophobic. Have you never admired another guy's body before - or is your gay-hatred so deeply internalised you screen out such thoughts before they hit consciousness? Haba.

St Antonym 8:43 pm  

I agree, he's a fine specimen.

Shango,  9:55 pm  

I believe life is indeed reductive, if you don't believe me, dig up any dead bodies.

Actually, I have admired and do continue to admire a well-built male body; I love a well-formed female body even more. As it is, mine's nothing to write home about, so I do love my Adonises, my Davids, my Kuoroses and various sundry male models in addition to my Venuses, my Botticellis and many (too many) female models.

However, I wouldn't post about two boys frolicking with each other's bodies in the background of a picture I've taken only to follow it up with yet another picture of boy's body with his ass turned to me. That's a bit "strange." Heheh...

Also, I don't know where you get this idea I don't like homosexuals. Actually, I do. Many of them are some of the most refined people I've ever known, something I want to be when I grow up.

Shango,  10:00 pm  

@st antonym: Finally you see what the Arab slavers meant! :-)

Just kidding, just kidding!! Sheesh.

Your use of "specimen" was a bit jarring for my obviously effeminate senses.

RJ 5:22 am  

LOL! I like it how you say "he is a fine specimen" It's like you are trying to give him props but you don't want to over do it.

I'm a lover of the human body, especially the male one - the human body should be celebrated...he is a fine piece of...everything. ;)

Nice pictures though, when next I’m home I’m definitely going to visit all these places, especially the obudu cattle ranch, I heard that’s really nice. Do you by any chance have picture of that? I searched online but it wasn’t very fruitful.

Chxta 10:18 am  

Gurara. Now that is one wonderful place. Few times I've been there were always fun.

I'm so envious of y'all out there in the warmth. Down to 9 degrees this morning. Brrrr!

Anonymous,  10:22 am  

Hardly a Mapplethorpe "perfect moment"... a group of men all showing how brave they are to stare at a man with swimming shorts on, whilst boasting their "I am not a homophobe" routine "because I dare to ogle a black man." Robert M would have wanted the full frontal, uncut, not some cute fashion backside snap, and he'd have had sex with the model as part of the artistic experience.

Gbemi's Piece 1:16 pm  

It takes a man secure in his manhood to take that picture and make those statements. I say that to you without any judgements, but I'm not sure I would say the same to my man.

discourse,  3:43 pm  

"because I dare to ogle a black man."

Boo. Anonymous, don't hide your own insecurities under race discourse.

Anonymous,  11:37 pm  

"As I watched this guy" - he looks like a teenager. A Kid!

Nothing wrong with admiring another guy's body but then you mentioned "primal eroticism" which puts a different spin on it.
You then got defensive when Shango questioned your orientation.

I just wonder what the poor guy would think about that predatory take on his seemigly carefree dip.

Anonymous,  12:45 am  

rj, there are plenty nice pictures of obudu on flickr.

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