Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It didn't collapse!

A huge relief. However, the rumour, though baseless, has value - engineers have warned the bridge is at the point of collapse unless urgent repairs are effected immediately. Let's hope this scare-story propels Lagos State into action. What's happening to the mythical 4th mainland bridge project?

Serious questions yet again need to be asked of Lagos State's emergency services capability. Only a few days ago, yet another house collapsed in Lagos, with no emergency services until 20 hours after the collapse.


Baba Alaye,  8:10 am  

Damn Jeremy!! I had a meeting on the maimland yesterday, and we only just got started when i got a phone call from a friend telling me about the bridge.And whilst i was on that call i had calls coming in from my folks in the U.K asking if i was alright, and i should stay put on the Island blah blah.

Needless to say i quickly called off the meeting and we all scurried out of the building like rats in a burning tunnel. I told my Driver to go through Eko Bridge back to the Island. The traffic was horrible.

Then i heard on the radio the 3rd mainland bridge was fine and it was all a rumour. But i wasn't about to play Myth buster so i stayed put on Eko Bridge.

I need to go back downtown for my meeting today, and i'm still not going through that blasted 3rd mainland. I saw some pics a few months ago, and i kid you not, there is serious structural damage.
And yeah.. i know i'm a chicken, and a scary cat, Why are you looking like that? You no dey fear?, sorry o, you that you are Voltron, me, i'm not about to be a statistic in Naija.

Anonymous,  10:22 am  

abi O baba alaye,

my mother never goes on 3rd mainland bridge. She'd rather suffer the go-slow than do 3rd mainland. i guess this rummor will further confirm she already knows and feel

Styl Council 12:05 pm  

Whilst we're on the subject of the 3rd mainland bridge...Can someone tell me which is the 1st and 2nd???
Or is it just one of those forver questions like 'what's the best thing since sliced bread?!!!

Thank God it was a false alarm....!!! As the alternative doesn't bear thinking about!


Shango,  4:54 pm  

Mental note File "Lagos State" and "Emergency Services" under Oxymoron.

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