Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wherefore the belly in Nigeria?

I've yet to get a conclusive answer on this in discussions, so I throw it open to my readers: wherefore the belly in Nigeria 2006? Do Nigerian men like their women to have a flat stomach, or do you still quite like a bit of a curve? Are Naija women increasingly specifying a six pack, or will the calabash stomach suffice? Your thoughts please people..


culturalmiscellany 2:04 pm  

I am not Nigerian but I'll add my two-penneth anyway. MrO used to have one of those six-pack things and to be honest I'm not a great fan. Its not very comfy for putting my head on when I'm lying down. He was in London last week and it seems the Nigerian food and lifestyle have given way to a slightly more relaxed tummy. I must say I found it very agreeable but either way it'd have been fine. He'll never be fat or have a belly as he's very slim but my preference is always for the natural look and feel :)

Overwhelmed Naija Babe 6:45 pm  

Hmmmm... I think they don't really care as long as its not hanging down... naija guys like a bit of meat on a girl but not too much

Anthony Arojojoye 5:09 am  

Jeremy, I think you'll need to learn the meaning of the following statement:
"Eni to ba yokun ni ke gbowo fun, e ma se gbowo fun eni to ba senu pelebe".

Just Call Me A,  8:48 am  

I am in Nigeria (but I'm not a Nigerian. I'm female). Whenever I see a couple who are both fat (bulging tummies and all), I am like, "How do these people make love?"

It always reminds me of a joke: What did the fat woman say to the fat man after making love?

Answer: "Thank you for the tip."

Fat Nigerian women would like to believe that Nigerian men like a lot of flesh. But that is just wishful thinking. Nigerian men (unless they too are fat) would rather go for those who are on the slim side.

I know...

Chxta 9:17 am  

Well, I used to have something resembling a 6 back in my undergrad days, which gave way to a (slightly?) larger girth upon graduation and the replacement of physique by wallet-size in the scale of what impressed the birds. Then I met U and she cut me back down to size, but the 6-pack ain't making a comeback.

As for the birds, most Naija boyz I know prefer them well padded. Fact. As they'd say in my ancestral part of the country... nkiruka, azubuike...

Baba Alaye,  9:38 am  

I really don't know what to do with a Skinny girl. Where do i start from? Nothing to feel.

Give me a nice voluptuous chica anytime with nice curvy curves and Man-chester, and Arse-anal (Don't mean to be disrespectful just trying to make a point the only way i know how...the dumb way)

Dami 5:03 pm  

do you still like a bit of curve- erm mr jeremy, its curve in the back not front, seems these women get us wrong,curve by the hip, anyone heard of "mercy johnson"

bisi,  4:44 pm  

men should have a six pack. Period. No excuses for getting flabby in old age, that's just bloody lazy, and trust me guys, no woman fantasizes about some man's overhanging, stretchmarked beer belly slapping them in bed. Get to the gym pronto!

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