Friday, May 28, 2010

Another BBC doc

The blurb on this film:

"Documentary about a new wave of elite young Nigerians returning from privileged backgrounds abroad to live in Lagos, where the burgeoning media world is their playground."

I wonder if this will prompt more howls of outrage and post colonial pain, or whether shots of skyscrapers, speedboats and well fed young men will assuage those who hated Welcome to Lagos.


Anonymous,  7:17 pm  

Who watches BBC4?

If it is about poverty and misery, put it on BBC1 or 2.

If it is about professionals and progress, but it on BBC3 or 4.


Olu,  10:01 pm  

with bated breath, i await the coming deluge...lwkmd

Olu,  10:09 pm  

wait a minute, the guy hamming it up in the pic is none other than King Jaja of Opobo's great-grandson !

Ok now....

Anonymous,  10:54 pm  

My Naija broda Jeremy, it's not about one or the other...

Lagos life is a composite and a potpourri of diverse experiences, and accordingly people will be happy when ALL of our stories are being told. The problem that most complainants had about 'Welcome to Lagos' was not raised in isolation. Rather, it was merely a manifestation of mostly pent-up and culminative outrage against a LONG HISTORICAL tendency to highlight only one aspect of the rich tapestry that is our lives.

Btw, maybe I am personally reading too much into it, but if the thematic thrust is "Nigerians returning from privileged backgrounds abroad" to bring civilization to their less-privileged locally-nurtured compatriots, it misses some of the great drivers of progress in Nigeria and stands the real danger of degenerating into another farcical neo-colonialist drivel.

2cute4u 11:14 pm  

This would really be totally realistic!

Anonymous,  9:04 am  

Exactly who watches BBC4? Never even knew it existed until I saw Jeremy's post! They don't start broadcasting until 7pm.

Anyway there is another one focusing on Africa (Mali, Ghana and Nigeria) on BBC 2 Sunday the 30th called An African Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby hosted of course by the much respected Jonathan Dimbleby. He gets to participate in the documentary unlike 'Welcome to Lagos' where the narrator is just a voice over.

Hope we get a glimpse of the range of stories in Africa from this one and not the war torn, slum dog bull shit that the West or more to the point the white upper class (cos quite frankly the people below the upper class could'nt care less) love to see.

Anonymous,  9:09 am  

who hated Welcome to Lagos.
I was convinced you did not get the point on w2Lagos. there!

"Nigerians returning from privileged backgrounds abroad"
that departure tells you what to expect.
Be prepared.

Adebola 4:45 pm  

I cant believe people are dissing BBC4. BBC 4 along with More4 are two of the UK's best TV channels for showcasing interesting documentaries and features from around the WORLD that don't normally get highlighted on the BBC1 or BBC2. Just because something is not shown on the main channels it does not make it any less relevant. In fat I would argue that the more interesting things are those you make an effort to find.

Anonymous,  8:42 am  

@ Anon 9:09AM

Yes, we got the point of w2Lagos! It's about the "resiliency" (and of course the "nobility") of those who live in Lagos slums -- because as we all know such resiliency and nobility does not reside elsewhere in Nigeria (or Africa) outside of slums, and those of us who do not happen to reside in slums are probably corrupt criminals, looters and 419ers whose stories are unworthy of documentation.

Anonymous,  3:07 pm  

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz to all you documentary haters.

As I live Lagos I haven't seen Welcome to Lagos....everyone I have spoken to me in the UK has been mightily impressed. Not one said what a shit place you live in, on the contrary they mainly said they wished that layabouts in the UK would act in the industrious and hard-working way that those in the doc did. Not just sponging on benefits.

Now we"re going to see the other side...hope it's not the kind of rich kids I know who do what they want knowing Daddy will always be there to foot the bill

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