Sunday, May 09, 2010

Homesick in New York?

Buka is a new Nigerian restaurant opened last month in Brooklyn (946 Fulton Street). Lookman Afolayanin's joint is the new headquarters of Nigerian food in New York. The menu features several pepper soups--the traditional goat, as well as fish and chicken. There's also okra, fried plantain, moinmoin, and jollof rice. Facebook page here. Photos and menu review by F.F.


Baba,  3:17 pm  

Baba Jeremy, I automatically presume you will not be visiting here anytime soon as they do not go by your meatless diet creed. You are missing out my friend :)

Anonymous,  6:54 pm  

it's actually in brooklyn, not lower manhattan. but thanks for the heads up

asweetcakes 11:21 am  

There's nothing like home cooking, especially when you're not home. They should put up some african art- that would be cool

Fred 9:38 pm  

FUCK ME, I miss Naija food!

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