Saturday, May 22, 2010

Helen Ukpabio resurfaces

Preaching her insane/inane drivel in Houston. The suffering to thousands of children in Akwa Ibom and Cross River State this evil woman has caused...


2cute4u 2:40 pm  

Don't get.. Evil?
Don't really know her story though..

Todd 9:03 pm  

I just read the New York Times story about this religiously deluded woman.
And we gladly issued a visa and invited her into the country...?

Myne Whitman 10:03 pm  

She should be under arrest if not that the government are so inept.

Rsalem,  5:31 am  

Helen ukpabio is a rare gift 2 d world, if u've heard some evil stories about her i enjoin u 2 confirm it b4 u conclude. Don't judge a book by its cover!

Tia 1:53 am  

Helen is a witch anti christ. She is pure evil hatred.

Anonymous,  4:58 am  

[email protected]

You can e-mail the church who hosted her and tell them what you really think!

frislained 12:15 am  

I cant believe this lady smh

Anonymous,  9:21 am  

why was this evil woman allowed to preach in our country. She abuses children and proclaims them as witches. Her government should be ashamed and should stop her. Why did this church in the US allow her to even appear. GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY> GOD IS LOVE and he loves all little children who are the innocent ones. SHame on you.

Anonymous,  10:32 am  

With sooooo many atheists or should i say objective and open minded people here, has anyone at least ever tried to see things from her perspective before? Remember that she is a woman of faith and in faith "seeing is not always believing".
I don't know this woman and i don't know if she is right, but one thing i know is that what has been written about her is not objective.

Anonymous,  12:32 am  

i will re-fare you to this site, it think it will educate you on what to know about all this proper gander some atheists are carrying about on this woman of God Lady Apostle Helen Ukpabio.

mary john 7:29 am  

Let it be understood now and forever, that the Apostle owes no Atheists any explanation regarding her Spiritual activities. Atheists are demons and need Apostle Ukpabio to cast them into the abyss.Finally, it is very critical for all to know that Apostle Helen Ukpabio is completely invicible by any person or a group of Atheists, witches or whatever. Rather, if you are a witch and wish to get rid of this dirty and destructive spirit, come to her for help and not to seat down and make rumors that are baseless.

mary john 7:30 am  

To deny or belittle Apostle Helen Ukpabio’s gifts and good works, is, in the perilous times when evil spirits work the earth day and night, to create problems and confusion globally, a desperate error or intellectual abstraction.Be warned.

Anonymous,  5:15 pm  

Everywhere the Apostle Paul went there was an uproar especially when he exposed the witchcraft.(read Acts chapter 16:vs 16 There are many adults that are warlocks and witches..if they have children do you think they will dedicate their children to witchcraft and teach them how to operate in witchcraft. Most assuredly. take your mouths off this woman of God!Apostle Helen keep standing and after you have done all to stand STAND some more because all of hell is upset I LOVE It!! I praise God for your life.

Anonymous,  10:28 pm  

There are still a lot of ignorance in this world. Helen clearly showed us that by; boldly, relying on the ignorance of a great deal of her own people whom she didn't simply hurt, but whom we also ripped off by her religious claims. "I fear no one but God" and I am sure not going to fear no innocent child. They are still those who believe she is a some gift to humanity. Ignorants!

Anonymous,  1:06 pm  

Helen Ukpabio is the devil. Jesus would not torture or burn children.

She and her followers are not real Christians. They are devil worshippers in reality as she is a devil posing as a Christian, pure evil and greed.

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