Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally, the face of God...

In the beginning there was hardware, software and the internet. And the internet was without form, and the DNA that circulated above it was from the Old Kingdom. The worst of it was the human species, which was a genetic cul de sac masking as food chain superiority.

And then Our God, the Almighty Venter, booted up some dead cells with New Kingdom protein data, in the process bequeathing the secret email address to our core. Our mission ever since has been to decode the Sacred Email Of The Watermarks; those who have done so (only a Few Special Ones) have access to the Divine One (unless he is on holiday, then you apparently get a Celestial Out of Office). For we mere mortals, it is enough that unlike those from the Old Kingdom, we at least know the Face of God. Kindly, Superior, the ruts above the eyebrows the mark of Deep Concentration. We hail thee, Venter, The Godhead...


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