Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bad news for bigots/homophobes

The Malawian gay couple have been pardoned.


Myne Whitman 3:30 am  

Now Jeremy, you make me laugh, why the pettiness? LOL...

Baba,  6:00 am  

Na wa o... this is ridiculous! Western meddling on the highest order. African leaders are fucking losers!

While 14 years was extremely harsh in my honest opinion, the pardon is an absolute joke. What's next?? Failing to physically discipline unruly kids because it is against human rights and international watch groups said so?

Anonymous,  8:04 am  

Why live amongst them Jeremy? 99% of Africans are bigots and homophobes according to your own (western) definition... so why live in their midst when you can enjoy anything goes in the UK?

Joy 2:33 pm  

The story is not over yet. It is one thing for the court to set them free and another to integrate back into society after being outed.The political justice is not complete without political asylum.

By the way, did you see this (Elton John Tribute: Gay Allowed But No Mincing)

Such a small world.

UkMedic,  11:30 pm  

I think everyone needs to read this...a very logical & compelling argument put forward on this issue..

Anonymous,  8:25 pm  

What's with the name calling? Must everyone feel the same way about homos?

Obi 10:23 am  

Jeremy's just calling a spade a spade!!!
Homophobia is homophobia... no matter how widespread or accepted it is in Africa! I'm Nigerian and I don't have to be gay to see that!
Interesting that the continent that has suffered the most under discriminatory laws is too eager to impose the same policies on other groups.
I blame our eagerly adopted religions!

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