Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Holy Spirit moves in mysterious ways

The tragicomedies of Nigeria come in the thousands each day and are never ending.


Anonymous,  8:51 pm  

These people make me sick!

Aaron Rowe 11:29 pm  

I've heard this story several times from different vulnerable girls who have confided in me that this happened to them.

Girls take heed of this warning, never visit your pastor alone!

Baba,  12:50 am  

Hahahahha! This is total comedy! I'm dying of laughter!

Anonymous,  7:04 am  

"But when the police demanded to know who removed the lady’s pants, Pastor Odesola said it was the Holy Spirit. They asked him to perform same miracle on a police woman interrogating him for her pants to be removed by the Holy Spirit, but he kept quiet."

Can't make up this stuff...

Aluta continua

SHE 9:21 am  

It can only be described as a tragicomedy.

What blasphemous nonsense!

nne 4:31 pm  

I could possibly point to about five Nollywood films with similar themes ...I guess this is the side of Nigeria we wish share with the world.

Anonymous,  12:16 am  

This is so so sad..

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