Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Internet penetration in Africa...


Peju 4:32 pm  

Very topic of my lunch discussion.
What I would like to see in a pie chart is the national distribution of the internet usage.
That would be data that we can use.

EVCL 4:57 pm  

Interesting. I always assumed South Africa would have a higher percentage than us. But they must have better quality internet provision. I'm probably wrong on that too.

Anonymous,  6:40 pm  

16.1%? It does not make sense. I wish though.

Esprite,  8:00 pm  

"I always assumed South Africa would have a higher percentage than us."

Bear in mind Nigeria has a much bigger population..

Sugabelly 8:18 pm  

@EVCL: You assumed this because there are white people in South Africa.

That is also the reason why Americans in my school "assume" South Africa is far safer than Nigeria.

They tell me about how they could never go to Nigeria because it is "so dangerous" but then they turn around and happily prattle to me about how they want to go to South Africa.

People in this world have been conditioned to think that White People = Safety, Good, Advanced and Black People = Dangerous, Bad, Backward.

This kind of thinking has led to loads of foreign companies investing in South Africa even though it defies business logic. (Nigeria is by FAR the BEST market to invest in on the continent - note: Best does not mean LOW RISK)

But these companies, as well as the people who run them and work in them see White People and automatically think "It must be safe, clean, better, fantastic, etc" and carry themselves there.

Then they come to weep on CNN when half their workforce gets murdered.

So clap for yourself. We're all victims of white supremacy brainwashing, and now you just found out that you are too.

Myne Whitman 3:50 am  

I wouldn't have thought we had up to 16% penetration, but I guess Lagos and Abuja with their populations must account for a chunk of that.

EVCL 7:42 am  

@Sugabelly. Interesting thoughts. You flagged up so many topics for me to touch on but I’ll try to keep this one short. Actually I didn’t make the assumption because of ‘white supremacy brainwashing’ as you put it. It was based on the atrocious quality of internet provision we have here in Nigeria (quality and penetration being different things I know). I also thought that Egypt would figure quite high on the table because I know some our Arab African countries are making great strides. But please trust me when I say that I don’t automatically think ‘white=better’. If you look at our blog you’ll know that.
But I will however say that if you objectively look at the current status in the world, most of the developed countries that have good general systems in place are run by whites. That’s fact. The pros and cons of how they did it is another matter. They got their act together and did it. You can’t get away from that. And Africa is in turmoil and not reaching its full potential. But as we all know world order cyclical. So the Chinese, Indians, Brazilians etc are moving in to take over. Depending on how things go, many countries in Africa, including ours will do the same. It’s just a matter of time and other ingredients.

Anonymous,  7:50 pm  

...and what are the stats on broadband vs. dial-up...

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