Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Kemi Adegoke for Brixton

No matter that she is campaigning for a party that believes homosexuals can be 'cured', that is funded by obscure aristocrats who appear to belong in Belize, it would be nice to see the woman from Anthony Village (and my old sparring partner) get in to the Houses of Parliament. Its given me an idea. Perhaps I should run in Nigeria next year? Campaign manager anyone?


Anonymous,  8:53 am  

Why not Jeremy? Fair is fair and it couldnt be worse than whats going on now....

K 9:00 am  

*Clears throat*
Why not, actually.

Anonymous,  9:22 am  

Good idea

Anonymous,  12:20 pm  

you are not even allowed permanent residency, so how do you intend on running?

All the best for Kemi

2cute4u 3:15 pm  

Bring money and I'd campaign for you..LOL

Myne Whitman 7:17 pm  

You can only try Jeremy, lol.

Anonymous,  9:06 am  

Even in the wave of strong anti-labour sentiments, my constituency today rejected Kemi Adegoke and her brand of unpleasant politics. I will have more to say about this later. I hope she now commits herself to building the character and capabilities that could enable her win in future.

Democracy does work from time to time.

Anonymous,  9:54 am  


Brother me, u get green passport? have u been practising ur Nigerian pho-nair? abi na with ur oyinbo accent u wan come enter senate...

anyway sha, when u bring the umbrellas, buckets, bags of rice and good old cash to my area... we can start talking.

Anonymous,  4:23 am  


What does it say about Ms Adegoke that she stands with those kind of people and their traditional xenophobia? I hope she finds out what they call her behind her back. I seem to recall Taylor did.

I wonder if she supports their projected expansion of 'unconvicted brown children's prisons' like Yarl's Wood? Bad enough under Labour.

Fred 9:35 pm  

Jeremy, this kind of post is why I still read you: you're not too far gone. :-)

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