Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Main One launch party...

Main One has finally reached Lagos and is just about to start testing phase. After years of wasted opportunities (read SAT 3 and NITEL) finally Nigeria will have faster and cheaper bandwidth. Or rather, Lagos, Abuja and a few other large cities will. There was never a coherent plan to build a fibre optic network for the whole of Nigeria. As with other parts of the world, rural internet access will continue to be a challenge for many years to come. Still, now is the time for eager anticipation. Are the ISPs ready to provide the retail service and pass the lower costs on to the long suffering customer however?


2cute4u 1:53 am  

Hmmm, Nice..waiting to see

Anonymous,  8:52 pm  

Jeremy dont hold your breath. There is still some time left before true braodband at affordable prices hits Nigeria. What M1 delivers at this time is an alternative to SAT3.

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