Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When Adam lost his rag with Alastair...

The fracas starts around 4mins 50 in. Hilarious! I wonder if Anji and Fiona have seen it...


Anonymous,  11:03 am  

Sky News has been tearing their pants all day since the possibility of Cameron occupying No. 10 is looking unlikely. Do they have to make their partisanship as a news channel so glaring? Fox News baby brother.

UKMedic,  10:15 pm  

LOL..it really was hilarious the way they were both having a go at each other

Interestingly i was only just today watching this myself during my break at work on the internet...seems its going sort of viral!

Remi, United Kingdom 9:01 am  

I watched this unfold -- it was unreal..

However, I find sky news reporters have no manners!!! They cannot wait for the other person to answer the question they ask, they keep butting in. They keep trying to put words into the interviewees mouth. I mean you can see the people gettingn frustrated.

I can't remember the name of one lady they interviewed a while ago - a journalist and she was like.. look you asked me a question, if you cannot wait for me to finish then I am leaving. With reporters like you on TV you wonder why our children turn out to be rude and disruptive! That summed it up..

Reminds me of Fox news.. sigh..

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