Friday, September 24, 2010

Hottest Girl in Abuja 2010 - the entry form

Ahhh - the good old-fashioned non-refundable beauty contest form.  The Hottest Girl in Abuja form costs N3k.


Sugabelly 8:54 pm  

Skin colour? Wow! Really? What do they need to know that for?

Myne Whitman 9:27 pm  

I suspect some of these contests are set up to dupe people and the competition itself is secondary, even when it does take place.

Anonymous,  2:30 am  

LMAO! The nudity section just takes the piss!!

Anonymous,  4:25 am  

hey, suga, why are you so hung up on colour? you forget black pple possess different shades of colour.

And from observation, it''ll appear that in competitions a thi one, the light skin girl has lesser chance of winning. Majority of the beauty queens bar a few have been dark skinned.

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