Friday, September 24, 2010

Ladi Kwali, almost forgotten

Ladi Kwali is yet another scarcely remembered great Nigerian, with a presence on the 20 naira note and the name of the Sheraton conference hall the only vestiges of attention she is accorded.  

Its a shame to hear the story of what happened to the Abuja Pottery Centre, which was supposed to be a national monument.  The ceramics tradition around the FCT and in nearby Niger State is a real selling point for visitors, with Bwari and Ushafa being regular day trips for those on business trips with a Saturday afternoon to spare.  The story of the intertwining of the British and Nigerian traditions is a wonderful one, and anyone visiting Bwari will see they make absolutely beautiful pots which are worth many times their value overseas.  I wonder how visible this is on anybody's radar within the FCTA or the Ministry of Tourism...


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