Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Presidential Task Force on Power site

Impressive website here. Download the full roadmap here (pdf). Well written, with just the right information. All Nigerian govt websites now have a benchmark to look up to.


kiibaati 10:38 pm  

Looks well thought out.Sometimes, I just begin to like this Jonathan sef.Then I read his facebook page...

Anonymous,  4:22 am  

read the report...sad to say Nigerians are royally screwed. Thanks to 30+ years of incompetent leadership!

CodLiverOil 4:20 pm  

I went to the web site, and dowloaded the document.

What it was short on was specifics, it didn't tie specific projects to completion dates, or detail any milestones. Just units of power and a year(s) in which it would be achieved.

It will interesting to see if this comes to something or just another meaningless gimmick/ stunt that amounts to meaningless drivel. Which is all too typical.

CodLiverOil 4:28 pm  
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Anonymous,  1:06 am  

Yeah - really impressive website. Except it is down at the moment - apparently for 'maintenance'. I wonder if they are pushing back some of the deadlines.
20,000 MW by 2020 is a nice idea but it's pretty ambitious.

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