Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nigeria as a Centre of Discourse: Centering a marginal nation-state

Interesting conference coming up at the University of Florida (in Gainesville, which has rapidly used up its 15 minutes of fame) on Independence day here.

Nigeria has long been a simulated margin (along the lines of Balibar's argument). How can a country that has nearly 10% of all human languages, supplies the US with 25% of its oil, has among the largest gas reserves on the planet, has the largest mobile phone market on the continent, will also soon have the highest number of internet users on the continent (it already has, according to some), has a diaspora that is estimated to be ten million strong (with up to three million people of Nigerian descent living in the UK alone) and utterly dominates the sub-region politically and economically be in any way thought of as marginal?


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