Wednesday, September 15, 2010

John Campbell on Nigeria 2011

"Nigerians have long danced on the edge of the cliff without falling off. Yet at this juncture, the odds are not good for a positive outcome, and it is difficult to see how Nigeria can move back from the brink."

The former ambassador to Nigeria (2004-7) expresses his concern about next year's elections in the current edition of Foreign Affairs.


Anonymous,  10:36 am  

ha ha ha ha, another westerner underestimating Nigeria. How many times have they ever done this? Don't worry, we would always keep proving them wrong.

Anonymous,  6:29 am  

Much of the same Washington crowd that claimed that WMD in Iraq was a "slam dunk"! SMDH

Anonymous,  3:26 pm  

don't mind them jare, they have been predicting the collapse of Nigeria for decades but the country is still here, even after a civil war and several regimes we are still standing.

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