Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teju Cole in Brasil

Edivaldo Soares (a.k.a Teju Cole) in Rio, here.


CodLiverOil 4:05 pm  

This is lengthy, but it is a good read.

Various aspects of Brazil are noted, mainly positive.

Yet Mr Cole, does remark on the significance of how he views things from the eyes of a Yoruba man from Africa. There is an unspoken resonance, between many aspects of life for Afro-Brazilians and their African forebears. The unspoken crime of selling people into a life of slavery and brutality.

The differentiation between mixed-race blacks, fair skin blacks and dark blacks. Strange, who would have thought that skin colour had so much significance in today's world, especially in a multi-ethnic nation such as Brazil, but apparently this is still the case.

The views of a resident Senegalese (those guys are like Nigerians, they are everywhere).

I would like him to write more on Brazil.

Thanks for posting the link Jeremy.

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