Sunday, September 05, 2010

Spring at Sungbo's Eredo from Jeremy Weate on Vimeo.


Anonymous,  12:39 pm  

I wonder if Jeremy has any information on Dr Patrick Darling of Bournemouth University's research findings on the Eredo or whether they have been published yet.

Jeremy 12:44 pm  

@ Anonymous. I'm trying to get hold of him. He is no longer at Bournemouth and is not easily findable via Google. But don't worry, I'm a rottweiler when it comes to finding things out. I'm planning to do a website for Sungbo Eredo to encourage Nigerians to visit. There is a real conservation risk that the thing may not be around in 20 years time. Ogun State govt don't seem to understand what they have...

Anonymous,  12:01 pm  

Thanks for replying Jeremy. I recall a certain Prof Frank Willets(I hope I got his name right), also conducted research into this back in the 1950s. He died in 2006, here is a link to his obituary:


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