Sunday, October 07, 2007

3 years later

Its coming up the 3rd anniversary of this blog (I started it in October 29th 2004). Over 1500 posts later, its been quite an odyssey. I've met so many forceful, intricate, magical people through it. To think, I would have not met them in the pre-blog world of 5 years ago. (Yeuch, this sounds like some schmaltzy acceptance speech - I want to thank my mawm, my daddy, and above all, I want to thank Gaad - Pass me the sick bucket).

In the past 3 years, the Nigerian blogosphere has expanded, multiplied, ramified, diversified, but still there are not enough voices from all the different Nigerias that are out there. There's been quite a few people whose decision to move back home has been influenced by reading these pages (and by other Nigerian blogs). There have been many 12-round slug-out arguments with the likes of Fred, Kemi, bitchy and co. I've learnt a lot from realising the limits of my perspective.

So: a big thank you to my readers and commentors for helping me to make sense of my experiences in Nigeria, and who have cared to watch my thoughts develop as Nigeria has welcomed me in to its depths. On with the show...


Wordsbody 12:32 pm  

Or as a tearful Jennifer Hudson said at the Oscars:

"Look what Gawd can do!"

Happy 3rd anniversary.


Mpakaboeri,  4:40 pm  

Oyibo Pepe Mr.Jeremy we love you too boo - as far as Im concerned you are the pride of Naija -I dont care what anyone says - You remind me of another caucasian man Professor Horton of the Religion department at Uniport. He too moved to Buguma many years ago and he speaks Kalabari like no man's business .Infact he holds a chieftancy title there too. It would be nice to read a dialogue between the both of you.

Keep it coming your weblogs are refreshing.


CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS 7:24 pm  

Uhm, does this mean that you will get off your high horse and 1. respond to comments or 2. make rounds and comment on other people's blogs?

Bon thinks

Chxta 6:36 am  

@ Catwalq I think that was low, beneath even you... :D

@ Jeremy, bon anniversaire. You're around huh? Expect a call...

yemisi ogbe 6:43 am  

You know what Jeremy, you may yet run for public office...that was such an incredibly diplomatic speech. I think one of the growing trends of this your blog is the bullying...the "you are not Nigerian, so you have no right to say..." "you have no right to say because we say you have no right to say..." etc and your progressive attempts to accommodate the bullying. Occasionally some magnanimous blogger will tell you how well your progress into becoming everything Nigerian is going, and the rest of us will pat you on the back in agreement. I think that "forceful" as a description for some of the responses to your blog is very gracious on your part. I think "magical" is condescending. I hope it is sarcastic. If one of the things that your blog has achieved in three years is "everyone loves Jeremy", then I don't think I'm going to like you very much in six.

Jeremy 8:17 am  

@ Yemisi: When are you going to write something on your blog? Its high time your provocations and deliberations are made available to a wider audience. Would be good to have your trenchant stance against the Gucci pastors etc online.

Anonymous,  8:28 am  

Yes Jeremy, why don't you respond to comments and why don't you comment on other blogs?

Anonymous,  11:49 am  


I wish to thanks the gods for sight that has enabled me read your blog and eerrrhhh... patience.

I have enjoyed the last 2 1/2 yrs mispent reading this blog. I have learnt and laughed alot at your posts and the comments.

One never knows what to expect.

I have sometimes questioned your sanity or should that be mine for reading....

Happy 3rd anniversary


יש (Yosh) 12:58 pm  

Happy belated bloggversary!

funke,  3:47 am  

Happy Anniversary Jeremy. Been reading avidly since I stumbled across this 2 years ago. I still tell Nigerians about the 'oyinbo' who can speak yoruba and writes a Fantastic blog. In fact, a large part of one recent dinner party featured YOU! I was telling them all about you, the host looked you up and the guests spent the rest of the night reading your comments with amazement! Let's just say you are certainly Famous in certain circles.. Keep it up:)

Chxta 10:28 am  

Cat waka, you are missing the point.

MsMak,  2:07 pm  


Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary. I really have enjoyed reading this blog week-in, week-out - the good, the bad and the ugly.


Akin 2:48 pm  

Hello Jeremy,

Come on, it is yet another 20 days before the anniversary, but I must say you have put in a lot more than I have.

You have not entirely persuaded me to visit, but you have gotten me a lot more interested in what is going on in a country I was on the verge of forgetting.

I do wonder which ones you have enjoyed the more, the "commentors" or the tormentors?

Don't worry, about the schmaltzy speech, lets just say you were played off before the Haley Berry moment.

Fred 8:43 pm  

Happy anniversary! Don't think for one moment I'll be letting up. I've been bloodied as well, but … seconds out, round thirteen!

uknaija 2:19 pm  

Thanks Jeremy- yours was one of the blogs that inspired me to start mine- whether that's a good thing or bad thing I'll leave you to judge..:-)

omohemi Benson 4:10 pm  

Congratulations! J,
Many more interesting years in Blogsville.

Anonymous,  5:56 pm  

come on you lazy fuck!! (i say this with love) we KNOW you re having a swell time on civilized shores, but pity us now?-(not "now" as a measure of time, but "no-o-Ow?" in whingey naijaspeak with inquiring intonation at end)...STARVED for a blog update. if the intention is to make us want you more, its working...grrrr. WRITE SOMETHING for fucks sake!! Has the acceptance speech gone to your head? If you are by any chance under the wheels of a bus somewhere, or if your mouth has gotten you arrested, you are forgiven the silence.

Anonymous,  4:07 pm  

3 years of Jeremy. Is Naija ready for more? Your legions of fans clearly think so. As for me, the jury is still out.

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