Thursday, October 18, 2007

Demographics in Nigeria..

I have been trying to dig out contemporary demographic statistics for Nigeria. The obvious first place to go is the National Population Commission. Their website sadly is gathering cobwebs, and only records figures from the 1991 census. What do these people do all day, that they cannot upload the latest figures? The closest I've got to a demographic break-down for the 1991 census is here - where you can see that 59% of the population is under 29 years old..

Anyone got any better (more up-to-date) data?


Mike,  7:09 pm  

Not much use but:

breeze,  11:49 pm  

how hard can it be to call the npc dude? u know what the websites are like in naija.SO instead of a song and dance if u really want the info go there, ur in Abuja arent u?

Simon McIntyre,  6:41 am  

Have you tried the CIA factbook, which you can get online and isn';t as scary or "spooky" as it sounds. Finding demographics on Nigeria seems nearly impossible, my understanding is that the population is now even younger.


Just saw Soludo give a speech and he said 50% of Nigeria's population is under 18!

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