Wednesday, October 03, 2007


One maxim I abide by:

"It is better to remain silent, if what you have to say is not better than silence."

I have nothing better to stay than silence right now..


Waffarian 1:18 pm  

Funny, Jeremy, I said the same thing on my blog recently. "The eloquence of silence".............

soheb,  1:35 pm  

Meanwhil Jeremo, how far? You didn't wish us Happy Independence day.

Patrice,  1:53 pm  

This post was unnecessary then . . .

A Grandiose Blog 2:51 pm  

I hear you Jeremy ...

ababoypart2 10:07 am  

I am no longer in silent mode...but I feel you

Jeremy 1:38 pm  

Patrice - nice try. But applying the logic of the maxim to itself does not imply it should not be said. As I take the maxim to be better than silence, it is well that I quoted it..

Patrice,  1:58 pm  


Amber,  8:09 pm  

As i abide by :'It is better to be silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and leave no doubt it'

Anonymous,  1:32 am  

To my eternal shame, in a piece of recent writing, i woefully misquoted a song lyric... i said "mockery' instead of "f@*kery". It HAUNTS me. For me misspell (typo) of "say" with "stay" when you meant to be profound in your (profoundly )short statement, is Divine Retribution. Eshe Baba

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