Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A telephone call

Hello Jeremy, you remember me? We met in Lagos outside Nicon House. This is Engineer Williams.

Hello. [Jeremy scratches his head. He is sure he has never met someone called Engineer Williams, but doesn't want to sound rude or forgetful].

Yes Jeremy. I have now been transferred to the NNPC in Abuja. Are you in Lagos?

No. I will be there in two weeks.

Aaagghh ok. So how do I get to see you?

Yes we can meet when I am in Lagos next.

Er, Jeremy [pause]. Can you handle a contract?

Jeremy stays silent. The phone goes dead.


Adenike 2:25 pm  

Wow - This same thing happened to me over a month ago. I also got a call from one "Engineer Daniel" who just relocated to Abuja from Lagos. These guys think they are so smart because they say your name and catch you off guard so you are thinking "I must know this person well". It wasn't until he said something about contracts and sending someone to me in Lagos that the red flags went up.
One has to be very careful - as with you, the guy also mentioned my name and even added the familiar prefix of "Sister" before it making me think that it was some old friend.

Anonymous,  3:00 pm  

It could be anything. Perhaps it actually somebody you've met. What would you like us to make of it?

Oladipo MD 3:55 pm  

i once a similar experience with an uncle outside the country. was a nice chap on the phone, the only problem was
- he did not know my name or the name any of my family members.
- he did now know which part of the country we lived.
- he called me on a number I have given to less than 5 people, all of whom did not know any of my uncles
- finally, i do not have any uncle outside the country.



LOL. Can u shout 419!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uche,  5:03 pm  

LMAO!!!! How did he get your number?? Does Naija have a phone book or web site for phone numbers? That's random.

I guess u missed out on a HUGE contract then! Bummer!

Fred 12:31 am  

Hey, calling someone on the phone to find out if you can handle a contract isn't breaking any laws now, is it? ;-)

In my head and around me 1:14 am  

My mum got one such call a few weeks ago. The guy just greeted nicely and sounded so much like her Uncle (even I thought so when I heard the perp's voice) that she just said. "Uncle X, are you in London?". He took it up from there.

She went on to ask if he was staying with his son, Paul. guess what, the 419 answered in the affirmative. He just kept following her lead. Anyway, she knew something was up when he claimed that he was sending her a camera and that she would need to give the carrier a token fee for his trouble.

Needless to say when next I received an international call from an unkown number, I was very cold until the person at the other end said " E be like say you never pick the voice" It was my classmate. We both laughed.

Iyaeto 2:54 am  

u go fit! na 410 not 419!

catwalq 3:25 am  

Errr Jeremy....

Anonymous,  7:45 pm  

funny enough, I've had an engineer Williams call me too...maybe its the same 419 dude...

Toks- Boy 7:28 am  

I wonder if it was a contract a la the Sopranos? Maybe he just wanted you to off somebody? The phrase "handle a contract" gives it away. Obviously you must have had your beard when he met you which must have given him the impression that you might be a "contract killer" on the side?

Yes I am bored. How did you guess?

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