Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Idoko Report

Does anyone know where you can download the Idoko Report (on Ettehgate) online? Sahara Reporters has it in the E-library, but their log-in process is not working. Someone told me a N80m massage room was part of the contract. It would be good to read the report in detail so we have the facts (the newspapers have not done a good job on this one).

The clear fact as it is now is that 'Madam Speaker' has brought the National Assembly into disrepute and she should resign. Someone has died, all business in the House of Reps has ground to a halt - including the budget process. She may then resume her career as a beautician...


Anonymous,  8:40 am  

Jeremy get your facts right. It is not 80m, it is 98m. And not a massage room, but a massage machine!!

I don't see what all the fuss is about. To my mind, her only crime really is that she tried to steal to early in the game. Rather than exercising patience.

Anonymous,  9:38 am  

Try saharareporters again today and you should be able to register and read it.

The massage story is untrue though. It was written in the Daily Trust and Leadership I believe but their editors apologised unreservedly publicly when threatened with a suit.

ijebuman 2:11 pm  

I've read the full report and there's no mention of the massage room.

While giving evidence to the panel, the acting clerk mentioned that he turned down a request for a massage room.

Anonymous,  8:36 pm  

Jeremy did it occur to you that this lady has been in the House of Reps since 1999 ? She is not exactly a novice legislator and your comment on her returning to being a beautician is very patronising.

Boosh 8:54 pm  

Why cant she return to her career as a beautician ke? At least she started out as a beautician in Ibadan. Now that she has "come up in the world", she can be a Lagos or an Abuja beautician. At least its a promotion of sorts, abi?


Anonymous,  4:53 pm  

@anon 9.38
why would editors retract a story that was given under rights of absolute privilege? the 98 million story came from the clerk of the house giving evidence in the committee, the reporting of it is protected by law, even if it turned out to be untrue (she has not denied it)

Anonymous,  9:24 pm  

What i heard at lunch today from a highly reputable source:
98M worth of massage machines were (allegedly )bought, and as at last week, they were still (allegedly )in the country.(I think they might have been dissapeared a la Tony Soprano and co, or should i say Nixon and co? (this is of course Ettehgate, and one must give, ahem, 'honor' where it is due...)Who got the contract to provide them? Allegedly none other than poor departed Hon Safana, Intellectual and unfortunately, Etteh's staunchest supporter. He was allegedly Chairman of the house committee on health. The machines were(allegedly) meant for the 360 federal legislators (alleged) health. Not able to help poor Safana, unfortunately. When i was growing up here in nigeria, there was an expression -" Not from my mout you go hear say Shagari no dey wear pant." 'Nuff said.

Anonymous. aka Deep Throat.
(Your computer will self destruct in 5..4..3..2...

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