Monday, October 22, 2007

Peak Oil

The German Energy-Watch group has a report coming out today, asserting that global oil production peaked in 2006 (see the article in today's Guardian here). The global economy is completely unprepared for the jolt. It looks like energy wars loom ahead. Even if you are sceptical of their numbers for whatever reason, the complacency cannot continue. The focus on renewables and a carbon-neutral way of life embedded within capitalism must be massively ramped up, to avoid violence and catastrophe, either in our time or our children's time..


oguro,  5:12 pm  

I've just ordered me a Brompton!!!
Down with the CAR!!! death to Gas Guzzlers!!!
Green Revolution here we come !!! [oh! I forgot we did GR under OBJ's first regime]

Okay Jeremy it is a serious issue and I must agree we have to do more. Do you think Bromptons will catch on in Lagos or Abuja??? they start at £400 up to £1200 expensive enough for our Nigerians you'd think.

It would be great to transfer the hordes conveyed by Molue in our prime metropolis to cycles. less pollution, reduced traffic .. healthier people, blah blah ...once upon a time people commuted by bicycle in Lagos ... then came oil and everyone felt they needed a car ... my worry is how our heavy madams will cope ... [ well if you can use an okada .. you can ride a bike !!!!]

A new initiative!!! Lets declare Lagos a Car free zone by 2020; Lagos will be in the 20 top cycling cities by 2020. roll out the trumpets, call in the dignitaries; share out the contracts and contents of Ghana must go bags ... buy yourself a new Range and hey presto business as usual... BTW, I'm talking to Brompton about the sole distributorship for Africa, I may be looking for partners, Jeremy are you interested?

Anonymous,  8:10 pm  

Sorry, I ran out of credit. Oh, well. Call me sometime. Please send photo of said sexy haircut!!!!

C. Chussy

o opesan 4:17 am  

It’s good to know that there are several research groups working to avoid the fallout that would ensue from a sudden cessation of oil and its many derivatives. What’s it they say about necessity … anyway, if we’re to believe the so called conspiracy theorists viable renewable energy sources have existed for over three decades, but have been suppressed by powerful companies with a vested interest in oil production.
Of course, in the end days of oil a few countries or companies will make a killing (no pun intended), that’s capitalism for you. No doubt they will refer to the ability to produce the last dregs of this natural resource as a core competency. Who knows, Nigeria might actually be one of those ‘fortunate’ or ‘exploitative’ nations.
From a lay person’s point of view: when you stand under the African sun, you just know there’s a whole heap more that can be done with its intensity. When oil becomes a mirage, this and other renewable resources will become more viable and dare I say, profitable.

anonymaus,  7:34 am  

Is sound planning and foresight a characteristic of governments there? Even when disaster is looming you will only get a few selfish people thinking of how they can make a quick buck from the situation. Don't count on sound management in a time of crisis from the establishment there. Run for the hills or better yet flee the country.

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