Thursday, October 18, 2007

My new haircut..

So there I was, buying some stuff at Park and Shop, then shuftying over to the pirate dvd guy in the car park (you can get all the James Bond's on one DVD for N800), when I get approached by a chap offering an haircut. He offers a reasonable price, and says he will do a good job. I didn't have time to squeeze in a sheer when in the UK last week, so I agree. He works out of one of the local spas in town. I drive him to said spa, and he starts his work. He gives the mop a quick inspection, then suggests I go for a new look (I always have the same trim with zero creativity or thought either on my part or on the part of the cutter). I say why not. It turns out he is a Philipino, and as camp as a campsite. After an hour of finessing my locks with an array of scissors fastened to his waist with a transparent plastic belt and pouch, I end up with a fringe and a swept-to-one-side look that makes me look five years younger and quite the metrosexual. I shall return to his fingers once more..


Akin 4:41 pm  

Shucks! Jemery,

Camp as a campsite - that is a new one.

But aren't we missing a picture of the new look? The wonders I would like to have done to my hair, if I had any.

Returning to his fingers leaves me wondering what metrosexuals really get up to. :)

Uche,  5:18 pm  

LOL!!! Pictures pls!!

Iyaeto 6:20 pm  

Let's see it. Then we'll judge

Anonymous,  8:32 pm  

lol! i mean really. Out loud! Btw.... had intended to disengage from the cult of jW that is this blog, because of remarkably noticeable trait of narcissism of late ( yes, once more, j'accuse) but this is some seriously funny shit!To the next 3 years...bon(ne?) anniversaire

Anonymous,  8:47 pm  

also J,( and it might be just me) I notice you seem to be finding yourself in more and more sexually ambigous situations...the man in the mask, the offer of a haircut (at least that turned out to be what was really on offer) for the sultry pose in front of the Lud church maze thingy ( freudian choice of location wouldnt you say...?) who took THAT picture i wonder.. maybe i have a one track mind but i say "watch this space". you can laugh and delete this..or post it if you like...just a friendly observation.

oguro,  9:42 pm  

pictures please!!! metrosexual Jeremy ... this has to be seen...

joicee 2:11 pm  

lol....metrosexuality is soooo in....just ask David Beckham

uknaija 4:51 pm  

Photo please :-) Same chap as has been giving advice to Araceli at Abuja Walkabout by any chance?

Anonymous,  8:18 pm  


Found your hairdresser.... Aaahh The blog is indeed a clogged place!

In my head and around me 9:10 pm  

Ehm, you can get those DVDs for N500 mate. N300 if you are in Lagos.

babatunde 9:03 am  

Just to repeat
This Post is useless without pictures!

Anonymous,  1:34 pm  

NOOOOOOOooooooooo.....Post fine as it is.... Resist the urge to post pictures!!! Did Babatunte put plea in bold or did you help him.ha ha. Yes, people want visuals, but post works much better in our imaginings! People come on, dont tempt Jeremaih! Allow us to wonder...sexier.

mypenmypaper 1:37 pm  

Jerry boy,

bros Marlon is a S/He making it big in Lagos.

just make sure his fingers don't travel anywhere apart from your head.

ur wife might...u know....

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