Monday, October 22, 2007


Taken from Marble House, on Kingsway Road. Top left is the recently completed Civic Centre in front of the gutted 1004 Flats, with the Caverton helipad (sans helicopter) along the river bank to the right. Right at the bottom you can see the beautified Falomo roundabout..


Oguro,  5:17 pm  

a monstrous blight on the waterfront ... so 50's and 60's
there must be better architects in Lagos

mochafella 7:44 pm  

I see the police barracks have retained their distinctly dark demeanor.

Iyaeto 9:24 pm  

yep. U forgot our dear army barracks.

Anonymous,  10:42 pm  

Ha!Ha! Oga Jeremiah! you were at Marble House ... Hobnobbing at the Dangote group headquarters I take it!

Robbie 5:27 am  

I've obviously been out of Lagos too long- what's going on with 1004 Flats?

Anonymous,  12:20 pm  

UAC and Union Homes bought (i think) 1004 and are upgrading, renovating, remodelling. each crescent will be fenced in and will have its own amenties-pol etc and each flat having a serious face lift. then the shops have bene moved to another location and it wont be the same type of shops as b4 again. I trust that the flats go cost 2 rent sha

Anonymous,  2:34 pm  

the flats were sold out at something ridiculous like 30 million naira each (someone correct me if i'm wrong)even b4 the general public was aware they were on sale. someone somewhere is making a whole heap of money... as for ozumba, god help us. one monstrous hotel after another until the lagoon has completely disappeared from view and the traffic is gridlocked. planning nightmare.

foxybrown,  11:33 am  

..hit by waves of nostalgia, I've been away too long..till I read the comments. Cynicism doesn't begin to describe it. Thanks for the reality check guys! LOL!

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