Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Finally, the lady walks

The Etteh Gate closes -Here.


Anonymous,  11:09 pm  

Thank God.

Anonymous,  8:44 am  

If the headline for this post had been your comment, i.e. "The Etteh Gate Closes", you woulda had far and way the Best Headline of the (nigerian?) Year. Also, the BBC reporter erroneously and repeatedly refers to the David Iroko report..its IDOKO!

Iyaeto 6:37 pm  

What took her so long?

Chude! 10:06 am  

It's such a shame. I'm disappointed in her. If she had fought this long, she shouild have stayed the course. All of this grief ... and for this shoddy, limp anti-climax?

Anonymous,  11:52 am  

Chude if she had stayed a minute longer, she would have been impeached. She DID stay the course,she doesnt believe she's done anyhting wrong. A motion for impeachment was being raised, and in the middle of it, her deputy resigned.THAT was was when Etteh finally read the writing on the wall, and quickly resigned to avoid impeachment and iis ramifications. Resignation was the best case scenario for her and she made it.

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