Wednesday, October 31, 2007

UK500,000,000 looted from Rivers State in 5 months

If this story is true, the deposed Governor of Rivers State managed to pilfer 100 million pounds a month from the Rivers State coffers in his short time on the throne.

With the door just closed on the filthy Ettehgate scandal, one wonders how things can change in Nigeria when politicians start stealing the second they take up office. The assumption seems to be that being a politician is a licence to thieve public funds. The relationship between stealing public money and impoverishing millions of others in the process does not seem to be widely recognised, especially in the delta region. Now that Celestine Omeiha has lost his gubernatorial immunity, is he going to be investigated by the EFCC?


Anonymous,  3:32 pm  

Ha! Ha! Jeremiah. With your phd, its not all that you hear that you believe. Let them puts the facts on the table before you start castigating Nigeria and wondering when it will change.

Olu Maintain,  3:49 pm  

Jeremy did you read the article at all ?

It has a sensational headline but the write up does not actually match up the headline nor does it say the governor has actually stolen anything.....

Jeremy 3:55 pm  

haba you people with your long pointy fingers. I prefaced my post with 'if'..

Anonymous,  4:10 pm  

You CERTAINLY dont need no lawya, Jeremy! You can handle yo' bidness jes fine! nice recovery... "If". If the glove dont must aquit...:-)

Olu Maintain,  4:22 pm  

Its not about long pointy fingers Jeremy.Its not about what you prefaced your post with, its really about the heading of your post. Your heading itself was sensational - "UK 500,000,000" looted from Rivers State in 5 months".

For a man who is always dissing Nigerian newspapers and who calls Thisday, "Dis-Dayn" - I would not really expect such a heading from you. Saw the heading and went to read with glee only to be disappointed. No offence intended anyway!

Anonymous,  8:23 pm  

Good write up, but why do you state the relationship between stealing public funds and poverty for millions some how is not widely recognised in nigeria, ESPECIALLY in the Delta. The problem is no more exaggerated in the south than any other part of nigeria

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS 3:36 am  

This is exhausting...

Olu maintain was here? gen-gen

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