Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And now for some good news..

Ok so I've been moaning about Nigeria for the past few posts. I read in today's papers that Merrill Lynch is setting up base in Lagos. Global capital is increasingly comfortable with Nigeria it seems. Definitely a good indicator for the economy, despite persistent rumours of a stocks crash..


Which Way Nigeria 12:28 am  

You aren't seen nothing yet? This is just a tip of things to COME or should I say the BEGINNING!!!

Anonymous,  6:32 pm  

bawisn't merrill lynch the company whose sign on the tradnig floor (back in the days when it was done by east end barrow boys made rich) was a two fingered devil sign, familiar to metal fans?
something to do with their rapacious satanic capitalism?

olu,  12:05 am capital.
I hope the FG learns to ride this beast. If not, we go hear am...

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