Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lagos - T5

"One Nigeria-bound passenger checked in 30 bags at T5 this morning - under BA guidelines, that would have cost around £1,700 in excess baggage payments."

"BA has set up special bag processing areas in T5's cavernous check-in hall for Lagos passengers, who check in more bags per customer than on any other BA route. According to airport sources today, BA staff regularly deal with mountains of baggage, the contents of which sometimes include machinery and car spare parts. However the boss of BA, Willie Walsh, told the Guardian this week he was expecting no problems from the Lagos routes."



Charizard 8:43 am  

Now this is interesting news...

Which Way Nigeria 11:07 am  

Aparently this "Latest T5 expansion largely glitch-free" is a wrong title for the news item from Guardian. It should have been about Lagos/Nigeria and not luggages. What should I say, a PR hatchet for BA

Probably, they are taking notice of Nigeria and Nigerians. I hope it will be for all the right reasons.

Sandrine 1:44 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
I have to go through T5 this summer on my way to France from Miami.I have a 10 hours lay over there with two kids and I am not looking forward to it.A lot of people have mentioned to me that T5 is a total nightmare.Somebody I know stayed in line for hours because the connecting flight was delayed and his luggage was lost. I hope the article is right.
Take care.

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