Thursday, June 05, 2008

Smoking ban in FCT

Talking of laws and non-laws, there is now a ban on smoking in public places in the FCT. Quite what 'public places' actually means does not seem to have been defined, or rather, it seems to mean, 'everywhere that is not your house buddy.' There are signs at the entrance of Millennium Park saying 'No Smoking'. Some poor sod was arrested for having a crafty fag outside his office last week.

I hate smoking and what it does to our bodies as much as the next person who's lost family members due to lung cancer, but isn't this going a little bit too far?


Sandrine 6:27 pm  

Remember the saying "Be careful what you wish for"? Check out your post on January 14.
I think that indoor public spaces only should be targeted.

Chanteuse,  6:46 pm  

I kinda agree with the no-smoking ban but perhaps the "except for inside your house" might be going a little far, sha. I wish they'd do the same in Lagos. You can't enjoy any of the lounges or clubs or bars in Lagos without coming out smelling like a chimney. And not to mention what it's probably doing to the health of non-smokers. I hope it comes soon in Lagos. In Los Angeles, here, landlords want the right to ban smoking in their apartment buildings.

internationalhome 8:50 pm  

typical case of policy tourism...probably some big wig went to "london" and saw what was going on and suddenly the light bulb went off! Problem is, they don't actually live here and don't get the work that goes into implementing it...sigh

anengiyefa,  11:33 pm  

It was not difficult implementing the smoking ban in England because the people would normally not break the law anyway. Pubs and restaurants were quick to comply when the ban came into effect. I see the funny looks that people get when they light up on train station platforms...usually tourists who dont realise that they shouldn't be smoking. The ban is effective, and there never was really a need to enforce it. Its partly because the English law is specific in describing the kinds of public spaces where smoking is not permitted. Arresting a man smoking in the open air outside his office seems like going too far.

BacktoNaija 11:32 am  

Yes, I saw the glossy "No smoking" billboard they put up near the Abuja city gate and they mandated that youth corpers grace the launching of the ban this past Saturday.

Me, I was conveniently unavailable, because even though they pay my alawi of 9K a month, and I should heed their call to fill up the seats at such a grandiose affair, aren’t there more pressing problems that need the attention of our public funds?!

Anonymous,  6:45 pm  

Funky pic, Backtonaija!

ababoypart2 12:20 pm  

Excellent idea - Helped get me off the weed

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