Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Man U vs Portsmouth: in Abuja, late July



Anonymous,  12:05 am  

Oh God, katakata for burst. I know many Nigerians (including my sister) who will walk on hot coals just to get a ticket. Jeez. Na so so colonialism don return.

Toks- Boy 4:50 pm  

Obviously could not get a proper and decent premiership team. Chelsea must be otherwise engaged. Hope Sir Whinger, I mean Alex can cope with the heat. Not.

Anonymous,  3:29 pm  

stop hating toks-boy!
you too, anon!
the glass is half full!

יש (Yosh) 12:51 pm  

Hey Toks, don't be mad! :) The Blues are still currently blue! Better luck next time, aye!?

There can be only one...dreaMUnfold! :-)

Go Utd, Go!

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