Friday, June 27, 2008

Italian Vogue this month - forwarded email..

Lets's prove them wrong !!!

Major magazine distributors across Europe have said that they expect

the Italian Vogue magazine that will feature all black models to be the

worst selling edition ever.

As part of the Black BUT Invisible campaign to promote and get more

models of colour into mainstream fashion we are actively supporting the

push to make this the biggest selling issue ever by getting everyone to

join this group and buy a copy of Italian Vogue.

The issue will be out on Thursday and will cost approximately £4 and

can be obtained from such places as Borders.



Italian Vogue has produced an issue featuring all black models, the

Black BUT Invisible campaign would like you to dispel the fact that

distributors have stated this will be the worst selling edition ever -



Anonymous,  10:59 am  

sounds to me like an advertising campaign. So they say it wnt sell, and we all rush out and buy it,does the mney come to me? how do sales of the mag better the lives of the avarage black?
Let the mag go down, who gives a s**t.

Anonymous,  11:35 am  

If you need money get a job. with attitudes like yours that's why Black people will never get as far as their counterparts. And let's hope that none of your children have a dream to be models. Acceptance and equality of the black race is how it would help to better the lives of average black people

Aspiring nigerian woman 11:48 am  

I am in the UK and I have already received about 3text messages this morning about getting this magazine. My husband says it is publicity stunt and a waste of money, since I don't buy magazines anyway; but I want to stand for something and support the black models, at least. If they are in the magazine, I will buy them. It is a statement and stand that goes beyond the magazine itself making money. Of course, the market of demand and supplier is the only thing that will keep the magazine in business!

Kody 12:25 pm  

The words Desperate Publicity Stunt come to mind. Why, as a black person should I give a flying xxxx if Italian Vogue sells or not. I have nothing to prove.

Anonymous,  1:23 pm  

Dont buy anything by Proctor& Gamble, the owner is a devil worshipper!

ainehi 2:27 pm  

Why are black people always the ones being saved? Always in need of redemptions. Save Dafur. Save Zimbabwe. Save hungry African children. Save this save that. Now its save black models in Italy. When will we save ourselves and maybe if there is time left, save others?

southern-tree,  2:35 pm  

It's a silly stunt... targeted at black sensitivity. So they are worried that their mag wouldn't sell? Let them stew in it. Black men are beautiful men and they don't need their validation... this is just really silly!

Anonymous,  2:52 pm  

People please dont be taken in by this bullsh*t, dreamt up by some moronic staffer at Italian Vogue. What have we got to prove, that black people enjoy reading, despite the stereotypes? Or that we can afford the hefty cover price? Or that white people werent put off by black faces? Whose zooming who?

Anengiyefa 5:08 pm  

Who is fooling who here? How many black people buy Vogue magazine anyway? The majority of the world's black human population live in Africa and for most of them, Vogue magazine is a totally unaffordable and unnecessary frivolity. Who gives a toss what appears in Italian Vogue? There are successful black models in mainstream fashion anyway, whether European magazine distributors like it or not! Can someone please point out to them, and to Italian Vogue in particular, that the majority of their readers are white, so perhaps having predominantly white faces in their magazines was never a mistake...

me,  7:28 pm  

This is the dumbest shit I have ever heard.
Anengiyefa totally gets it.

PamPam UK,  7:38 pm  

I went out this morning buy a copy of Vogue magazine; to support the cause and there was no special edition featuring black models.
The Black but Invisiable campaign is from the Italian Vogue (sse link below) and it's hard to get hold of a copy in galmourous Stratford.
But there were many copies of Black Hair and Beauty Magazine and to my shame I did not buy I copy.
The magazine costs much less than Vogue and the quality has really improved.
On reflection why was I so eager to buy a magazine that is really not interested in representing women like me, when there are other black publications which are folding or struggling to increase membership?
We should be sending emails and text messages supporting magazines and articles written for us by us, today I really learnt that lesson and I will try to be more discerning in future about the emails I forward and the text messages I send in future.

Anonymous,  7:51 pm  

Who cares. Rubbish. From my experience, most Italians are racist anyway. As, indeed, are Brits, Germanazis and the Frogs (the French). Note the wry tone.

This world don spoil.

dilletante 10:08 am  

I couldn't find a copy. A large (international chain-bookseller) on Oxford street- dint say they were sold out, but that none shipped to the UK. Accroding to the clerk on the phone. This was becuase not enough copies were printed-- fear they wouldn't sale?

"The majority of the world's black human population live in Africa"

True, but there are many of us in N. America etc who are in some ways very much aware of the marginlization of 'us' in MSM. If and when I can locate a copy, I will buy one.

Anonymous,  6:08 pm  

dilletante, well, thankfully you confirmed yourself that only few copies of that edition of the magazine were printed. Perhaps they caught on that having all black models in Italian Vogue was not very smart after all. Most black people wouldn't be impressed, and mind you I speak for for myself, and for all the other black people in the UK that I know, and neither would the traditional white readership. So what was the point of it?

Anonymous,  12:57 pm  

I'm actually going to be featured in Vogue Magazine UK August 2010 edition. I am Black and Nigerian too and I make lovely hats and was contacted by the editor to feature my work. Make sure you buy a copy. The mag will be on sale from the 10th of July !!!

Just be on the look out for a fair skinned black girl wearing a hat - two photos.

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