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-a piece on politics, power and the fight for liberty

Basement Theatre Company (BTC) has been established in Abuja for the rebirth of the classy outdoors and to cater to the very specific and sophisticated social needs of urbane Nigerians and Abujans in particular. Now, BTC proudly presents Ola Rotimi’s Ovonramwen Nogbaisi in a complete theatre experience like none before it.

The play is a reconstruction of the historic fall of the great empire of Benin in the British Punitive Expedition of January 4, 1897. The drama looks beyond the obvious in cross-cultural struggles between empires and focuses on the burdens of power as well as the culturally peculiar diplomacy employed between two very fascinating monarchs.

For this Abuja opening, BTC is proud to bring back to Black theatre, African star of music, TV and stage, Dede Mabiaku in the leading role. He is joined by a most vibrant and select cast of the cream of Nigerian theatre. Among them are Toyin Oshinaike, Ahide Adum, Patrick Otoro, Albert Akaeze and Ikponmwonsa Gold.

Platinum Command Performance:

Date: Friday, 4th of July, 2008

Venue: Congress Hall, the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja

Time: 7pm prompt

Ticket: N19,999 or $170.00

Private Performance:

Date: Saturday, 5th of July, 2008

*For details of this performance, please contact Basement Theatre Company

Silver-Card Performances:

Date: Sunday, 6th of July, 2008

Venue: Africa Hall, the International Conference Centre, Abuja

Time: 3pm (matinee)/7pm

Ticket: N2,999 (singles); N4,999 (couples) **special student rates apply

We invite you to order bulk tickets for your organization/group and take advantage of our special bulk ticket discounts. For more box office details and ticket enquiries, please call 0702 546 3790-2 or e-mail [email protected]. Also, visit our website for more information on Ovonramwen Nogbaisi and Basement Theatre Company.

Yemi Adeyinka,

Marketing & Audience Development


Waffarian 3:47 pm  

Shuoooooo, na im i go the website na pikiture na im i see for there!
See the posing...haba! no shaking...una too much oh!

NigerianDramaQueen 8:24 pm  

None of this fun stuff ever happens when im in Abuja...sigh...

Olushola Aromokun,  7:39 am  

My oh my! This is a must see. While @ the university of benin, I was the stage manager for the same play (Directed by Israel Wekpe). We didn't really know what to expect (as per crowd and reaction cos the play is not that easy to render, sensitive and deeply cultural) but the auditorium was filled to elastic limits, and we got mad reviews from ThisDay Newspaper and we lived happily ever after.

I wish they could stage one for Lagos.

In my head and around me 8:58 am  

I am quite sad that this is not taking place in Lagos as I totally loved the story of Ovonramwem Nogbaisi when we read it for literature class in school.

toba 4:59 pm  

Men, you guys should see the production signature design for the play! It's out of this world and Dede seems to be a serious performer!

How can I upload it to you all to view?


Sunglass Republic 5:15 am  

Ah ah, $170 ke loun loun

Anonymous,  12:53 pm  

I would love to see this. Why are the plays never on when I am in Nigeria

Anonymous,  4:09 pm  

can we get tixs at the door??

Rolex 3:12 pm  

I wonder if anyone went to see Ovonramwen Nogbaisi this past weekend. If you didn't my God! You missed o. You don't know you've missed theatre until you see theatre. What have we been doing?See culture on display. See Dede in his element, the guy who acted General Moore-Ahide Adum, my goodness, that guy was fantastic. What really happened to theatre. BTC put up a good show. It was worth every dime.

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