Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ban on spraying..

Nigerians (especially Yoruba), beware (lol).


Anonymous,  2:14 pm  

yep! That was DEFINITELY a Yoruba party!

Oz (omodudu) 4:17 pm  

Handing the couple money just takes the fun out of it.

Ms. Catwalq 4:44 pm  

They need to arrest a few high profiled individuals for people to take it seriously because i went for a party where they were spraying money; albeit dollars (which they can use as an excuse), but money nonetheless...

Anonymous,  4:46 pm  

but how is this law to be policed?

anengiyefa,  5:00 pm  

Ok, so if we can't spray Naira, let us spray dollars only...

Iyaeto 5:49 pm  

The "in thing " is to drop the money into big bowls which are nicely placed next to the celebrants.

Anonymous,  6:13 pm  

Abeg leave us jo. Let us spray if we want to spray.

Anonymous,  8:14 pm  

which wallet? psseeeeeeeew

Sugabelly 8:22 pm  


Abeg jo!! It is my INALIENABLE right to store my N500 in my bra, pant, or other close-fitting bodily garment!!!

Power to the Panties!!!

Anonymous,  8:50 pm  

Funny how spraying moved from the Yoruba to many other Southern Nigerians.

naijaleta 11:59 pm  

Am I missing something or does anyone really think a ban on spraying will solve Nigeria's economic problems?

Sting 3:09 am  

What?!!! No more spraying? What fun is there in handing someone the money? Abeg O!

Atutupoyoyo 9:51 am  

When you think about how much has been wasted on the marketing campaign, one has to ask yet again, Nigeria do you have your priorities right?

BacktoNaija 12:10 pm  

I agree with sugabelly, naijaleta and atutupoyo on this one.

I was at a wedding some months ago and among the guests were senior police officers. When people started spraying, no one was arrested but directives were given to the MC to announce that money should be put in envelopes and given to the couple or placed in the bowls.

I think it’s a step forward that our leaders are beginning to feel the heat of being closely watched, hence the reasons for these visible, controversial, seemingly noble legislation (indecent dressing bill, no spraying and now no smoking ban in the FCT).

But that’s all it is - eye service.

Toks- Boy 4:46 pm  

Shame there is no ban on shipping large amounts of it out of the country into overseas accounts which the banks there are only too happy to recieve. But try opening an account as a hard working Nigerian who has £1000 to deposit and see the reaction you get.

Giess they had to start somewhere. Small minds deal with small problems.

Anonymous,  7:03 am  

All in all, misplaced priorities.
So if my ogbono soup touches my money, i have a chance of going to jail?
Money wasted on the campaign, shebi they will arrest, fine and/or jail Iya Risikat for storing her money inside her bra?
What about banning transporting the Naira in Ghana-must-go bag.(since we are being so simple minded). Everything there is stupid. Even Italians have a money necklace at weddings.
People spray in the west at strip bars and private functions, ever heard of "making it rain"?

naijalines 6:44 pm  

Does anyone have independent evidence that spraying started with the Yorubas? Leave us alone o:D

Personally I don't do owambe parties and don't do spraying. I don't like the fact that we yorubas are being stereotyped for this practice. It's a Naija thing not a Yoruba thing.

anonymaus,  11:17 am  

People often complain about the tattered and disgusting state of naira notes, this may be true.

I see this add as a responsible one, which is informing people that the national currency is to be handled in an appropriate manner. People will no longer be able to say "we didn't know". Now they know, if they still continue with such activities that degrade the notes before time, they only have themselves to blame and shows the manner with which they conduct their activities around money, as well as attracting more unwanted derision to the country.

I don't think this would be an enforceable thing, but at least people should be mindful of how money is handled. It's at least step (I repeat one step) in the right direction for a more ordered society...

Anonymous,  9:11 pm  

@ naijalines, which independent evidence do you want? Everybody knows that the Yorubas are the most prolific sprayers of cash. Its what makes them tick!

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