Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Just in case you thought object fetishism was some kind of Sub-Saharan African preserve (how could you?), check this story - Jane Austen's hair (maybe, maybe not) to be auctioned for 5000 quid. Haba.

Then think of all those vials of Christ's blood (as if!) and saintly bones in abbeys and cathedrals across Europe. Blood and bone. The remnants of a faith in shadowy, cloistered spaces.


Anonymous,  2:55 pm  

'The remnants of a faith in shadowy, cloistered spaces.'
Lovely sentence.

Anonymous,  3:23 pm  

Oh,and speaking of hair and hair fetishes...(how could i have neglected to mention?) there is a High Official in This Government (No Country Mentioned) who has a seeming fetish for hairy women. He lewdly asked a friend on making her aquaintance (acquaintance!) if she shaved. She didnt understand and asked him to repeat the question, which he did, leering meaningfully all the while. She asked him what he meant, and he said, 'dont worry, your stomach will covered by mine very soon...'
Trading stories as we girls (even the anonymous ones) often do, this story was told, with ahem, as usual, No Names Mentioned. A random last minute lunch crasher from outta town (outta town!) squealed hysterically "I know who you're talking about". Apparently, same High Official had stared lustfully at her unwaxed arms and asked her if she was "as hairy here, as she was down there..."
It takes all kinds.
Oh, but you werent talking about sexual fetishes were you? Sorry...my mind wandered

The Pseudo-Independent 3:57 pm  

I am following on from your earlier post “The prosperity of the head", and my comment “after generations of being defeated by history, Nigeria should start putting history behind and coming to terms with the obvious”.

It seems to me that the main gap between magic (African/Yoruba-juju, Western/English-fetish, spells, potions etc…) and most religious convictions is that in magic the devil is the notion at the center of the ritual, whilst in, say, Christianity, it is the idea of God.

For as long as we continue to develop new notions (of the devil and God) and scientific explanations for the natural phenomena that mystified our ancestors continue to exist, juju and other faiths will continue to be irreconcilable enemies.

For example, according to the secnd book of the Bible any kind of magic is prostitution against God, and advises to KILL THE WITCHES!.

Sandrine 1:52 pm  

Remember A.I? A lock of hair can go a long way!
On a more serious note, I imagine that the reason why people hold on to these physical items, religious matters aside, is because it is probably the closest they will ever get to the person and it is something more tangible than pictures or writing. I do have a lock of hair from my grandma who passed away years ago.
Take care.

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