Sunday, June 29, 2008


I've uploaded the first edit of my Mountain of Death film, here:



Adaora A. 3:10 am  

Just discovered this blog, and it looks pretty cool. Hurrah Nigeria!

NigerianDramaQueen 8:29 am  

Gosh that looks terribly frightening..and exciting!

Waffarian 4:54 pm  

hehehehehhe "cos i am strong"! hehehehehehe, too funny...all you oyibo weaklings hehehe, sorry, thats all i got from this...i am still laughing...and funny enough, i knew he'd say something like that too!

meanwhile, why did you do all that artsy editing for the Jesus thingy (can't remember the word i am looking for...but you know,ppppppppppp....i can't get it) i be wan see that part well well, abeg leave the thing oh!

Anonymous,  9:57 pm  

Jeremy, it seems devoid of emotion...there is no connection between all your experiences and the viewer. No reason was given for the trip... If you could have captured what you wrote in your write up then it would have been excellent.
No beef oh!

Anonymous,  12:07 am  

anon 9:57PM does one really need a reason to conquer a mountain? The "because it is there" reason seems good enough for me. Great work Jeremy..

Atutupoyoyo 8:59 pm  

Not bad. Would have loved to see some voiceover narration but perhaps you are including that in your final cut. That Olly seems a real character and delivered some memorable soundbites.

Anonymous,  1:09 pm  

I enjoyed this.

'I died being eaten by a Lion'. He don crase patapata.

I wish I was there though. Good job

Kody 3:32 pm  

aughhhhhhhh This video is driving me mad Jeremy. Have tried viewing it many times and it keeps stalling when the timecode reaches 1.07

Anonymous,  3:43 pm  

Large file to download and not watchable online without a really good connection. Why not reduce the resolution for an optional smaller download? I have reduced movies to 60Mb in the past. Changing the sound to mono helps. They are then watchable on an N91.

Have only watched up to the filling station scene. Difficult to comment without watching the rest of it but the scene at the filling station was very 'home-movie'. Needs faster cuts of a couple of seconds each and a lively sound track. But depends what you are aiming for.

wienna,  3:27 am  

Meeeen, that country is blessed. Who needs safari, when this is at our doorstep. The tourism industry really needs to do more job in development.

anonymaus,  4:18 pm  

I really liked the video, it brought another dimension to the personalities on this blog.

After having read, scores of accounts written by yourself, we finally get to see the living and moving Jeremy.

Bibi represented Nigeria well, few Nigerian women would even consider going there - she held her own.

Cash has such a friendly face and a bright smile, Olly is unintentionally a very funny guy.

You guys are brave, I would never consider drinking or washing in any river water, least of all that within Nigeria, after all the nasties that lurk within, and a lack of adequate healthcare.

It was great to see some wilderness, the most I've ever seen is degraded secodary forest, punctuated with tumble-down settlements. The wildest thing I ever saw in Nigeria was a dead duiker and grass-cutter for sale by the roadside. Nothing to shout about, exactly - rather boring in my opinion.

With this I am more disposed to making a contribution to the NCF (Nigerian Conservation Foundation) they are saving Nigeria from becoming another Haiti (ie a tree-less land), but was put off by the web site and Nigerians and their antics on the internet. I may take a another look later.

The whole eastern boundary of Nigeria, that straddles the Cameroun border, demarcates West Africa from Central Africa this is signified by the Mandara range (of hills). That is where the landscape is at it's most spectacular and the scenery most varied from giraffes in the Chad Basin Park in the North East to Cross River National Park with it's remnant gorilla and drill populations which is acknowledged to be a bio-diverse hotspot. Not to mention the peoples from the horse riding Kanuri around Lake Chad to the Efik in Calabar, and all the various peoples in between.

Thanks Jeremy

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