Thursday, June 12, 2008

N892bn dispersed to the States in May

Economic Confidential has a useful table of disbursements to the States for last month from the Federation Account. Rivers State alone received N42 billion naira! That's 180 million pounds/360 million dollars by the way. If only it was possible to see reconciled expenditure figures after the fact to see if the governors delivered value-for-money to citizens in their respective states. At present, transparent accounting and auditing of expenditure is not available..


Anthony Arojojoye 12:57 pm  

You want to open fowl yansh by seeing the expenditure? That would lead to outright impeachment of the Governeor.
Or are you saying that it should show how the State Government paid militants and bribed community leaders.
It will cause a strain on 'National Security'.

ababoypart2 11:28 am  

42 billion to Rivers State, and you cant pass Aba Road once it rains. I dont get it, I really dont.

Kola 4:48 pm  

i really like you blog, kinda satirical, please check me out at


Anonymous,  11:28 pm  

aaagh. MEND and the people of the Niger Delta would rather fight the big, evil Federal Government rather than turn on their own local officials. They'd rather welcome Alams, rather than out him. They'd rather blame Shell for all their woes, rather than point to the thieves amongst them.

When I say that the people of the Niger Delta deserve to be the poorest in Nigeria because they are a bunch of hypocrites, people will call me a bigot, tribalist, idiot, 'you are generalizinf' and blah blah blah. In what other regions do you see Nigerians openly supporting thieves in their midst? In yorubaland, Obasanjo would be stoned without body guards. Same with rogues in Iboland. As for the people of the Delta, though, it's a different matter entirely.

Anonymous,  12:02 am  

I just came from Nigeria and spent most of my time in Benin. My sister was stranded in Uselu because you simply cannot pass Uselu market when it rains. Let's not talk about the lack of power in benin. If you even get 3 hours of electricity consider yourself lucky. Disgrace. Theives. I am even more pissed cause I spoke with a customer just now who asked me where I was from and I said Nigeria and he had the nerve to call us crooks. I don suffer.

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