Friday, June 27, 2008

PALF Ghana coming up...

... Looks like its going to be a cracking event. Click the flier to the left to enlarge/read. Website here.


Waffarian 1:02 pm  

Just to complain about posters in general...especially Naija posters....(although dis one no be naija...i no know) must they always pack so much information? haba! my eyes get dizzy anytime I see those things...and they always choose wrong images, wrong colours...etc...very annoying...just write the main attraction men! the people that are interested will find out more if they want to...packing so much shit on a poster does not make it more interesting! damn.

Anonymous,  9:57 pm  

@ waffarian, I feel you o. Sometimes when I see people's PowerPoint Presentations, I think 'Do they reallly think I will read all that font?' Jinkies!!!!!!!!!!!!

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