Sunday, June 15, 2008


The best journalism challenges the way we think and shines light on the dark corners of our prejudice. This is one such example, on asylum seekers, speaking out against their vilification in the rabid tabloid press in the UK.


The Pseudo-Independent 2:04 pm  

serious post! but then again, a lot would depend upon our level of education, ability to find a job, or to start ones own business

think I now understand why some of my drinking buddies would say: if there is no fear of persecution then asylum shouldnt be any option...

in this, my view is that both contacting hepatitis c or surviving on 35quid supermarket vouchers a week are far better than political persecution in a 3rd world country...i say all that on assumption that the variable of good medical treatment will always be a constant

Anonymous,  4:43 am  

The best journalism is also concise. This article long, no be small. And I routinely plough through 4-5 dense articles of Molecular Biology everyday...this one just goes on and on and on and on...!

Waffarian 8:27 am  

Great piece.Yeah, we often forget that we are talking about human beings when we use words like "asylum seekers" "immigrants", "apathetic children", etc. I have a good number of friends that were either children or teenagers during the Yugoslavian war and I have to say, that I can not imagine any of them not being here in this world.

Yet, most of them if not all, were also "asylum seekers", some travelled without any adult and some lost almost all relatives.It is a shame that we often think that we deserve more than another human being.If we were in such a situation,I bet we would think that it is our right as a human being to be treated well. Yet, when it comes to others, we sudenly forget that they too are human beings. Bloody shame.

I have often said that God knows what I'll do if I was in a war torn area, raped or tortured. God knows I'll be the first to cross that fucking desert, enter the death trap canoes, cross oceans, sit in the spanish detention centers...whatever and yeah, I'll do whatever to live in peace even if it means living in YOUR country.

People should should relax with all this "my" country bullshit, and be fucking human.

Waffarian 8:59 am  

by the way, is that really your e mail address by your profile? anyway, just sent u an email...

Sandrine 1:51 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

I really liked this article.It was very well written and researched.I agree with Waffarian, people should have more compassion and treat others like they would like to be treated. The sad part is that some of them do not realize that the differences between the readers of this article and the people that are mentioned in it are merely circumstances.


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