Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Three men in a boat

A year or so ago, who'd have thought that someone who writes like this could/would be Mayor of London? Still, his writing has a certain foppish Edwardian charm (I'm thinking of Jerome K Jerome). Given that London tends to exaggerate the potential range of human expression, perhaps it is well that a flame-haired cyclist is now atop the Testicle.


wordsmith 8:37 pm  

never heard it called the testicle... is it because it bears a vague resemblance?

Sandrine 3:16 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

Several things came to mind after reading the article.The first thing is that he is not a very good writer.It takes him forever to get to his point and the writing is not flowing very nicely.
The second thing is that he is arrogant.The part about the tourist upset me of course and I thought it was a cheap joke to get people on his side.
However after I got to the end of the article,I could only agree with him.Locking somebody up for 42 days without charges is scary in everything it is implying and I applaud him for going against it.
Take care.


Anengiyefa 2:36 pm  

@ Sandrine, being superfluous is what Boris does best. The man absolutely overflows with words. But I like his style, because it leaves you teetering, unsure whether to laugh, be annoyed, or just be irritated. Its nice...

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