Thursday, July 19, 2007

Al-Jazeera on DSTV

A guests discovers that we now have English Al-Jazeera on DSTV (channel 62). It's a small thing, but great that a non-Western perspective on global events is now available in Nigeria - even on the budget N4,500 per month bouquet option.


Anonymous,  6:03 pm  

You realize Jeremy that this posting has not been commented upon for the simple reason that we here basically have no problem with accepting the mainstream western medias version of events. Imagine how many comments this posting net were we say a peoplistan in an unnamed part of the world.. Howmany conversations have you been a part of where nomal educated people have said "but it's on CNN" as though that were gospel? We have a long way to go my soy eatin' brothaman..

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