Saturday, July 14, 2007

Robert Neuwirth on Lagos

Interesting lecture on the informally organised nature of Lagos, including a short film about Lagos. Thanks to Emeka Okafor for the link, which also appears on his Africa Unchained blog.


oguro,  10:37 pm  

.. haven't watched the film, but this chap seems to be looking at the informal ... spent time 'embedded' within the less savoury parts of Lagos ... he's a philosopher ... can't wait to see how Lagos informs his thinking ...

Now I'll watch ..

Priceless 6:31 pm  

do you know if this was for his book "shadow cities" or is he working with the government to sanitizre Lagos?

Priceless 6:32 pm  

do you know if this was research for his book "shadow cities" or he is planning on workinf with the government on the issues in Lagos

oguro,  11:04 pm  

... I think he's planning something else ... [speculation, not in his mind!!!!]

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