Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The art of ass..

Efik style. Thanks Alex for the link..


Moni 8:03 pm  

shooting videos on your cameraphone again?! ;)

Atutupoyoyo 8:09 pm  

She has more rhythym and co-ordination in one butt cheek than I have in my entire body.

Afolabi 8:09 pm  

so the myth about southern(efik, akwa ibom,cross rivers) women is true....not only talking about the ass art though.

Anonymous,  10:05 pm  

'shake it fast, show me whatchu workin' wit'....Mystikal. I sense an efik/uyo/obudu fixation...

Anonymous,  1:06 am  

this nonsense about efik women's sexuality is offensive, and needs to stop.

to the above poster, obudu is about 5 hours from calabar and cultural very different. the people of obudu are a completely different ethnic group.

kemi,  1:08 am  

Typical men.

ababoypart2 3:14 pm  

loved the music, didnt watch the video...

wienna,  7:47 pm  

Jeremiiiiiah, Naija women don spoil u finish. buahaaaaa.....laaaawlu. I wonder how your babe feels about dis.

kulutempa 11:05 pm  

oook...efik style by way of zaire? what the hell....?

Judy123 5:50 am  

This is definetly mixed with Makosa dance steps. Not authentic!~

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