Monday, July 02, 2007

Living and loving and laughing..

Click here to listen to an interview from last month with CNA on the Guardian's site. A few minutes in, she refers to living and loving and laughing in Nigeria. This is a bit odd, because in another interview, she claims to have given up on reading blogs some time ago... Stranger still, the interviewer then asks her about the white expat Englishman in the novel..

Let me not develop delusions of influence, conscious or sub-conscious, abeg. Thanks to the keen ears of D.O. for the reference.


Saymama 7:02 pm might have a point there..????

Mutanda 12:10 am  

the white dude in the novel reminded of me your presence on this blog. you clearly inspired her, imo

Anonymous,  12:13 am  

replace the interest in ibo culture with that of yoruba culture and the similarities increase

Blue 9:11 pm  

You know Jeremy, to be honest i thought about you when i read about the book too. Well actualy, i thought about you and another friend of mine who also lived, laughed and loved in Nigeria, but CNA couldnt have known him so i'm sure you must have inspired her.

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